Project Description

This is a hand embroidery art of a Bougainvillea plant. Its modified leaves are orange, where the flowers are about to bloom.


Title: “Bougainvie”
Form: Thread painting embroidery art
Dimension: 6-inch wooden hoop
Medium: Cotton floss on cotton cotton linen fabric

Background Story

One of the places my husband I went for vacation is Batanes. Batanes is really a beautiful place where the flora and faura is very much preserved and so I was really inspired and eager to take home some plant. The owner of the homestay place where we stayed was so kind to give us some cuttings of her Bougainvillea plant. After a year of waiting it finally bloomed! I was really glad to see how beautiful it was. It has beautiful orange and peachy color.

What I will always remember about it is that waiting is really worth it and the same thing that I really need to put in patience to finish this art piece. 🙂

Pricing & Inquiries

Unfortunately, this piece is not for sale. For other inquiries feel free to contact me. Thank you! 💛