Handmade Embroidered Brooch with Stitched Rim


Add sophistication to your dress or blouse or even your plain shirt with a unique handmade touch of an embroidered brooch that are heartily handstitched by me. They come in different sizes and shapes with stitched rims, which gives that intricate and vintage feel that may suit your timeless style 🧑✨

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Each of these handmade embroidered brooch is heartily handstitched by me. I’m continuously exploring motifs and learning techniques as my hand work to put my design ideas into reality πŸ’ My latest batch of designs give that delicate and vintage feel that can be timeless as you style yourself in any occasion of your life 🎨


  • Cotton floss embroidered on cotton linen blend fabric
  • Sizes are approximately 30x30cm (small round with mustard fabric), 40x40cm (big round with natural fabric) and 27x40cm (oval with golden olive fabric)
  • Brooch pin length is 25cm
  • Can repel minimal dust and water

All design are hand embroidered and and every fabric are handsewn to give that authentic handmade touch. With all love each are carefully crafted with meticulously selected palette. Each stitch is a joy and I hope would give you joy too! πŸ’›

And, oh, the oval brooch, which I name as “Sweet Pea on Olive”, is the first piece that I’ll include in my Timeless Edition designs, which is another first!! πŸ₯³ Will post more details about my Timeless Edition Designs soon! Since it holds a milestone, this piece will only be up for sale with the price indicated for a limited time only until I make further announcements 😊✨


If you’d like me to have one or more of this handmade embroidered brooch custom made for you or people special to you, you may send a quotation request here or just contact me anytime! Let’s talk! πŸ˜ƒπŸ’Œ

For more inspirations of my handmade embroidered accessories and other handstitched work you can check out more photos in my Instagram account at @heartilyhandcrafted 😊🌺

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Base Fabric Color

Natural, Mustard, Golden Olive

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