I’ve been interested to learn pottery but wasn’t really get the chance. And while I was browsing through the craft shelves of a nearby bookstore I saw Air Dry Clay and got curious about it. I checked out what I can do with it, got excited about it and gave it a try.

I tried to make charms for a bracelet and for my pencil case. Would love to share how I made these.

  • Clay Pendant
  • Air dry clay (I used Jovi)
  • Old pen without ink
  • Water
  • Bronze acrylic paint (I used Reeve’s)
  • Paint brush
  • A cylindrical material (to be used as a rolling pin)
  • A beaded bracelet
  • An old chain
  1. I pinch a small part of the clay. Flattened it using my improvised rolling pin. I made a bigger one and a smaller one. I made the bigger one slightly flatter than the smaller one.
  2. The bigger one will be the pencil case chain. I just used the pen to etch the letter S and the plant ornaments on the side. Then I set it aside.
  3. The smaller one will be the bracelet pendant. I did the same here but I etched at both sides. At one side S and the other side J, which is the first letter of my husband’s name.
  4. I let them dry for almost 24 hours. Since they’re just small I guess they easily dried up.

When everything’s dried up I just attached the pencil case charm to an old chain I have. Then I attached the bracelet charm to the bead bracelet that I also made for this project since I have some brown beads on hand that I think matches the bronze color.

There you go! I think both looks great and I’m very much excited to use them. ?