A First: Full Floral Hand Embroidery PDF Pattern – Faith, Hope & Love!

Yes, itโ€™s a first! Iโ€™ve just finished my first complete hand embroidery PDF pattern โ€“ Faith, Hope, Love. And Iโ€™m very much excited to share it! It's time-consuming. but I had fun doing it โค

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Air Dry Clay Bracelet and Keychain Charms

I've been interested to learn pottery but wasn't really get the chance. And while I was browsing through the craft shelves of a nearby bookstore I saw Air Dry Clay and got curious about it. I checked out what I can do with it, got excited about it and gave it a try.

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Hello World Floral Embroidery Pattern

Are you fond of stitching or embroidery? Or maybe you would want to start some stitch project and looking for a pattern for it? I am very much excited to share with you guys the first pattern I made ? You can download the pattern for free and read my thoughts while doing it <3

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