Oh, it’s already July! The months went by so fast. This year take a slightly different turn for me compared to my previous years. And those things got me caught up and sort of left me little room for Heartily. But, gladly was able to jump on my feet and write and do something new again πŸ˜ƒ

To Be Challenged

The year started with Covid. Oh, it does make the new year fun not really fun. Maybe the worst thing is, is that it yielded a rare complication on me. The tricky thing is that it can be not so concerning, but can be on the extreme side. With that thought, anxiousness is inevitable and rest is a must. So, yes, rest is the mission. The very thing my doctor stressed out is not to be stressed-out πŸ˜…

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

~ Isaiah 40:31 ESV

To Hope Hard

During the many weeks of contemplation, there’s one thing I held on to, hope. The pandemic has been really hard for me and my family. It really tried us in many ways, one trial after the other. But, through it all God has been good. He always gave me hope, the heart to hope and to hope hard πŸ’›

New Pattern: Hope for Autumn

With the little time I was able to spare for Heartily I was able to finally finish the pattern for my Hope hoop art. I finished stitching this way back new year of 2021. And with all that happened this year, I remembered this hoop art and thought it would be meaningful to also finally do the pattern, which I named Hope Autumn Wreath. Since July already started and with the overall design, it felt just right to upload for an Autumn themed design pattern. Though from where I live, we don’t have autumn, I surely love the warm and neutral tones that it brings to the other parts of the globe πŸ‚

Let me share photos of the finished stitchwork πŸ“Έ

Hope for Every Season

Originally I designed this pattern without autumn in mind, but more for the new year, which I think will be suited also for any season all year round. So as hope, it’s something I believe should be always there, in every season, every day, every moment 🌟

If you’d like to stitch this pattern just in time before autumn starts, it is already available on my online stores where you can download the PDF file:

May the Lord fill you with his hope that strengthens you and enables you to have faith. Have a blessed and hopeful day, every day!🌻