It’s December again! And Christmas is just less than 3 weeks away 😍 The recent months have a lot of things going on, to the point that I almost wasn’t able to find time to start my yuletide collection. Good thing, I did! Was able to come up with a simple collection that’s close to my heart πŸ’›

Let’s Unwrap! 🎁

This collection is composed of fewer and familiar items that I usually make, but also explored colors and sizes. Let’s see what they are! 🀩

  • ✨ New hand embroidery hoop art (pattern to be released soon!): the Peace Wreath Hoop ArtΒ πŸ’
    • β—½Β  This hoop art is a familiar design that I already stitched way back in 2020. With this new one, I used a khaki fabric with all cream-colored threads. Will tell you more about this design soon once I launch the pattern! πŸ˜ƒ
  • ✨ Embroidered jewelry accessories in varied color base fabrics and mini pendant size 🌺
    • β—½ Finally, I was able to stitch on colored fabrics! Both for the earrings and necklaces This collection has off-white, old rose (which is more of a skin tone shade), and mocha fabric colors.
    • β—½Also, I used smaller bezels for the necklace pendants. They’re just so cute! 😍

Simply Quaintly 🌟

Let the familiar things actually lead us simply to the true meaning and reality of Christmas.

This is the second time I launched a yuletide collection and I enjoyed the process of making each item every timeΒ  🀩 It does not mean it doesn’t have its challenges, especially this time around it took me more time, but I’m just glad I was able to finish each.

For this collection, I simply went with what I usually make like the hoop art and embroidered jewelry accessories. And with that, I explored trying new fabric colors. I’ve always wanted to use brown shades, and here I was able to! I’m really in love with colors and I would love to try more others in the future and hopefully make them a staple for my future designs and projects. I also tried to use smaller pendant bezels, which I think are sooo pretty. Would like to stitch for my own use too! πŸ˜€

That simple idea of the familiar pieces being refreshed is what I have in mind for this collection, thus something quaint. Isn’t it that Christmas is very familiar to all of us, an occasion celebrated year after year? But sometimes if not most of the time becomes a chore, especially with all the activities that we are all caught in. My heart for us is that may we be refreshed about what Christmas really is. Let the familiar things actually lead us simply to the true meaning and reality of Christmas. That Jesus Christ was born into this world to give us salvation from our sins and be reconciled to God the Father.

Snapshots!Β πŸ“Έ

Let me share with you some of the photos in this collection 🌟

Holiday in the Heartily Store!Β πŸŽ€

These quaint pieces are now available in my Heartily storeΒ andΒ Etsy Shop (for the pattern soon)!! πŸ’Β You can check out specific details for each item in the product description. Here are the direct links to each item:

Christmas Warmth πŸ’›

Christmas is always an exciting season for me, not necessarily because of the gifts and gatherings, though they are really nice and are blessings, but because I always feel that warmth inside me that gives me joy and peace, of what I believe is a reminder that God is always with me all throughout the year and to the next πŸ’›

May you all have a blessed Christmas season this year! ❄️