May is actually my birth month and when May comes, the Summer heat is really at its peak. The past few weeks recorded very high heat index all around our country. Summer here in the Philippines is challenging, but also a fun season where families and friends gather in cooler places and have an enjoyable time. Summer heat aside, I also got to do something fun, and that is making a Summer Collection this year! Yey! πŸ₯³

Tiny, Delicate & Lovely 🌟

‘Tiny, delicate and lovely’, which best describes my collection this summer, so I call it the Dainty Summer Collection.

I think the most simple and direct meaning of dainty is “tiny, delicate and lovely”, which best describes my collection this summer, so I call it the Dainty Summer Collection. It doesn’t compose of many items, the stitches are as delicate as I always make it to be and, of course, prettily designed 😍

I wasn’t able to be consistent in making collections and pre-made items for sale, since Heartily Handcrafted is primarily first and foremost a ministry and my art journey. But, when time permits and resources are available I love making collections. Collections also are those opportunities that excite me to create new items or designs 😊

The Dainty Collection! 🎁

This collection is composed solely of a batch of hand-embroidered necklaces. Let me share some details 🀩

  • ✨ I stitched warm tones of flower clusters on base fabrics of dark mocha, khaki, and off-white colors 🎨
    • β—½ I specifically chose the base fabric palette first since that would primarily define the warm thread colors that I’d like to use to be in tune with the summer tones.
    • β—½Also, If you’ve been following Heartily, you’ll guess that I love browns! 🀎
  • ✨ This batch of embroidered necklaces includes gold and silver findings in petite pendant bezels 🌟
    • β—½Β  The last collection I made was composed with silver findings only, so this time I added an equal mix of gold. Plus, I personally love wearing yellow golds πŸ˜ƒ

Snapshots!Β πŸ“Έ

Here are some photos of the Dainty Summer Collection 🌟

Daintiness at BGC Art Mart! πŸŽ€

Another big news this month is that I’ll be at the BGC Art Mart! I already posted about this last week. You can check more details about this here. With that, I decided to make this collection’s debut on the same date! So this batch of dainty necklaces will be first available for sale and physically displayed this coming Saturday, May 25. I will be putting up my pop-up store for one day only. I hope you guys can drop by and take home one of these blooms or some of my other embroidery work! πŸ’

After the weekend, these will be listed in my Heartily store! 🎁

An Eventful Summer πŸ’›

Not only because it’s my birth month, but this has been very eventful for me with many celebrations, occasions, etc that have happened. Just for the past 2 weeks alone, there were days that my husband and I were in and out of the house for meets and gatherings. Not to mention the summer heat, haha. And May is not yet done for me, though there are a lot of things to do still, but I enjoy every bit πŸ₯°

I thrive when my plate is full, yet I certainly believe rest is crucial. May you find enjoyment and peace in what you do. Have a blessed summer! 🌻