Oh, it’s just a few weeks away before Christmas! Can you believe it?! I feel like the year has just slipped like a breeze 🍃 But, even though it does feel like it, a lot had happened and some may not be really pleasant. But, I’m much excited that Christmas is just around the corner. It’s my favorite time of the year! 🎄

And with that, I’ve prepared another line for my Heartily Collections! Especially for the Christmas season ❄ May I introduce my next collection, the Glowful Yuletide Collection 🎉✨

Inside Look of the Glowful Yuletide Collection 🎁

In this collection, I did new stuff that I haven’t done before and also embraced old-time crafts since Heartily Handcrafted started, which is something exciting for me too! Let me list what items are in the lineup and a little something about each! 🤩

  • ✨ New hand embroidery pattern: the Glow Seasons Wreath Pattern 💐
    • ◽ I’ve been really thinking of making a pattern that can be appropriate for the Holidays and all year round. I’m glad to be able to stitch one this year finally! 😃
  • Embroidered hairpins that come in pair 🌺
    • ◽ I actually thought of doing this early this year but wasn’t able to find the style I’d like it to have. Good thing I was able to actually sit down and get stitching and there it is! 🥳
  • Hand-painted bookmarks that come in pairs too! 🔖
    • ◽ It’s been a long time coming, and it’s here! The first ones that I crafted when I started Heartily Handcrafted are actually bookmarks, but mostly I just used pens to design them. And now finally I got to paint the designs! I used gouache for this and I’m really enjoyed using this new medium! 🎨

Glowful Story 🌟

I believe the message of Christmas is, Jesus came to transform us from within and let our lives shine the love of our Saviour.

Last summer I launched my first-ever collection, and this is the second time that I’ll be having one, just fitting for the coming Holidays! ❄ I’m really glad to launch another one. There had doubts and challenges if I can finish the items, but God has been good to give me strength and restoration from the past months’ hurdles.

I initially thought of a goldish motif, but I shifted the thought to something that’s more about intrinsic. And I believe “Glow” is a more fitting description that I can say about Christmas. It’s not about the sparkles and glitzes, but something more that touches the heart deep and radiates beyond the eye can see. And that’s what I believe the message of Christmas is, Jesus came to transform us from within and let our lives shine the love of our Saviour. Not only a joyful thought but also glowful meaning! 💖

Snapshots! 📸

Here are some snapshots of this collection! Hopefully would add delight to your day! 🌞


Holiday in the Heartily Store! 🎀

These glowful pieces and pattern are now available in my Heartily store and Etsy Shop (for the pattern)!! 💝 You can check out specific details for each item in the product description. Here are the direct links to each item:

Also, for each piece purchased for the whole month of November, 15% of the profit will proceed to The Malaya Initiative, whom I’ve partnered with for their current campaign. See my last journal entry to know more about this initiative. Hope you can help out too! 💗

Looking forward to creating more beautiful things and memories in the weeks leading to the end of the year! For the Lord has been faithful and will always be. May you have a glowful Christmas and weeks ahead. God bless and take care always! 💛✨