‭Oh, it’s already 2024! Let me start by greeting you all a Happy New Year! 😊 It;s been months since I wrote a journal note and I hope this year I will be able to write more.

2023 Revisit

The last year has been somewhat drought or slow for Heartily Handcrafted or me doing crafts in general. 2023 has been a recharge year for me. I deliberately rest more during the day and sleep more during the night.

One major thing that really affected our schedule last year was adopting our rescue dog, Russey.  I would like to share his story in a separate post, for now I’ll just share some of his photos here.


Lastly, one remarkable thing around the last months of last year is that I got to do embroidery projects for clients and as gifts for weddings. So yes, my December was a bit busy but exciting. And I see it as a blessing 😊

What Stands Forever

Over a week has passed since 2024 started and nothing has changed, at least on my end. Though we know we know for sure that life keeps on moving.

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.”

~ISAIAH 40:8‬

Just before the year started, I got to read this verse and reflect on it. Surely, life here on earth is just like the flowers and the grass. But, what’s truly true and comforting is that God’s word will stand forever. It’s absolutely a powerful promise that I hold on to as enter the new year and every year of my life. Knowing that whatever happens, I can go back to Him and His word and face every challenge and be grateful for every success.

May the new year bring you beautiful moments and bountiful blessings! 🌿

Heartily yours,
Sarrah 💛


P.S. Here are other photos that you can share! 📸