Our country, the Philippines, was recently hit by 2 strong typhoons, which were named Rolly and Eluysses, that flooded many areas in Luzon and left real damage to properties and even lives. These typhoons came like a thief in the night, especially Eulysses that lashed it’s full blow at midnight, that when morning came many people are already greeting the morning at the top of their roofs. It’s really a saddening sight and stories all over the country.

I think what’s worse is that immediate help was not in any way near and that blame game, cursing, insults are the more common theme from the authorities and media. With the pandemic still active and these calamities taken place, it’s really is frustrating. But, I believe that shouldn’t be the end of it. And to see people with the heart to help other is truly a light that shines during these times.

Filipino Embroidery Artists Doing Serious Work

And I’m glad to be part of an initiative to help those affected by the typhoons through the craft of embroidery, which we call Project Stiches. Initiated by a group of local embroiderers that decided to sell some of their stitched artwork where the sale will be donated to PAGASA (See more about them in HERE) 💛

Would love to share some of their beautiful embroidery pieces (with links to the IG post) for sale here! Feel free to send them a message on how to avail of their work, give a heart, a follow or a share. You can go directly to IG or FB and find them by using the hashtag #projectstitchesph 😊✨

A big shoutout to Antonette for pitching IN this idea and for everyone’s effort on polishing the process as quickly as possible. It’s great journeying  with all of you!! 🤗💕

Truly Grateful!

A big THANK YOU for all who have already bought, donated thru this effort and for those who are still going to. Every cent you give is really saving not only lives, but also souls. And definitely encouraging each of us to continuously stitch and do something that can be helpful to others also. May God keep you today and bless your ways! 💕

In behalf of these beautiful-souled stitchers, heartily yours,
Sarrah 💛