Since I started with Heartily Handcrafted it’s been amazing to see talented Filipinos and people all around the world making handmade crafts and even artworks. And I got to purchase some of their work too! And wow how beautifully they are made 😍 With that I thought of doing a featured journal of fellow crafters and artists. Getting to know a bit of what they they do and presenting their actual handmade piece or artwork πŸ’ This series aims to showcase their handcrafted work, may it be handmade pieces or artworks, as a support on what they do and to inspire others also πŸ’

Excited to start this new series and for my first journal I would like you to meet Tisha-an of Why Knot Craft. I recently ordered a set of crocheted scrunchies and totally love them πŸ’• Let’s get to know more about Tisha-an and her craft journey…

Spotlight on: All about Why Knot Craft ✨

Tisha-an advocates handmade products and empowering Filipinas, as she tells what Why Knot Craft is all about:

“Why Knot Craft is all about celebrating the beauty of locally handmade products and empowering Filipinas to be more confident in their own skin. These are like two totally different concepts but these are two advocacies that I am so passionate about and I thought maybe through my craft, I can marry the two. Most of my products are wearables–bikini tops and bralettes, and I just love hearing stories of confidence from my customers. And that’s something that I want to impart through my pieces–that all bodies are bikini bodies and hey, those tops are locally handmade! haha!”

Heartily Handcrafted Features: Why Knot Craft

Why Knot Craft is all about celebrating the beauty of locally handmade products and empowering Filipinas to be more confident in their own skin.

Years of passion since here college days. Read through how her journey came about and continues until today:

“Why Knot Craft simply started as a passion project way back in 2013 when I needed a break from all the college work. After sharing some of my original work online, a lot of people started to take interest in my products and I took it as an opportunity to share my craft and the beauty of locally handmade pieces. At first, I was happy with just sharing my story and creative process with the pieces I made–I never thought that people would actually want to buy it and wear it that time. When people started to ask me to make things and agreed to pay for it, that’s when I thought that this might actually be a good business. Fastforward to 2020, I still haven’t taken on this full time, but I do accept project every now and then. Hopefully, when everything falls into place, I can finally be a full time crafter. :)”

Isn’t that a wonderful crafting story to start this series?! 🀩 I embedded here a photo of her crocheted sunflower coasters from Instagram 🌻

My first crocheted Sunflower scrunchies! 🌻

As what I have said earlier, I recently bought from Tish (as I call her) a set of scrunchies. It’s a 3-piece set in sunflower colors. I’ve always loved sunflowers, even my mom, that I tried to grow Sunflowers many times growing up. My mom has that green thumb that she can grow almost any plant even though it looks impossible. The first few times I tried to grow Sunflowers was a fail, I thought it was so easy. I got frustrated that ask my mom to guide me, and after a few days, voila! my Sunflower seeds germinated! πŸŽ‰ It’s just nice to recall fond memories 😊

One thing about me and my hair: I’m so lazy tidying up my hair. A hair comb is not a mainstay in my purse. If I have to comb I just use my fingers, haha. Not to mention pins, scrunchies and other hair accessories. Because of the pandemic I totally forgot about my hair πŸ˜… It’s too long now and to go about it, especially during the hot days here in the Philippines, I tie it on its own (Do I make sense?). I have that habit of, instead of using any ponytail, I just wrap my hair on it’s own so they tie up for a good amount of time since they are just too long 😁

Heartily Handcrafted Features: Why Knot Craft

Here’s a photo of my long hair with the scrunchie. This is my fave color of the 3 πŸ₯°

When I saw Tish’s post about her scrunchies I fell in love with it, the Sunflower colors melts my heart πŸ’—, but when I got the opportunity to see it again it got me! I thought I need to have some of those, not only because they look sooo pretty but also I think I really need some decent way to tie my hair πŸ˜€

She also gave me some freebies: a crocheted Sunflower coaster and her logo sticker and personal note. Isn’t that sooo sweet?! 🌻 I love the coaster that it matches my scrunchies, plus I just love coasters! I have here some more photos! πŸ“Έ

I really don’t know how to crochet but as I can see how it is made visually, they are just so good. And wow, I love the texture! The yarn is really soft and everything’s just firm. The day I received it I was so excited to use it but at the same time hesitant to stretch because I want to keep it nice, but I eventually did and was so glad to see it stretched well and remains sturdy πŸ˜„ Here’s a video of what I received, a closer look of the items:

Follow Why Knot Craft and grab one of her handmade items

She has several on-hand pieces that you can grab now: 1. Scrunchies 2. Sunflower Coasters 3. Granny Square Coasters. And she also accepts made-to-order items: 1. Bikini Tops 2. Bralettes 3. Scarves. Maybe your hair is getting long now and need scrunchies too. She also have promos on her scrunchies! πŸŽ‰

If you’d like to purchase one of her crocheted pieces or interested to get to know and see more of her work, you may connect and follow her social media channels, which I listed here:

I already met Tish personally thru one of my embroidery workshops that she attended and we established a respect and appreciation to each other’s craft πŸ’› It’s always amazing to see great talents all around us! Hope you guys enjoyed my first feature and hopefully to do another one soon (maybe on regular basis as time permits). Take care and God bless your day! 😊✨