With much excitement I would like to announce my first Summer Accessories Collection! πŸŽ‰ This is the first that I get to do this and I really feel accomplished! πŸ₯° This collection comprises of sets of embroidered brooches and hair barrette clips. And I can truly say that my hands got really busy, embracing handmade love! πŸ’—

What’s Inside my Summer Accessories Collection?

There are a lot of significant things in this collection that I’m really excited about. Let me list them to you guys instead 🌞

  • ✨ This is actually my first collection! Something new for Heartily πŸ₯³
  • ✨ Stitched each item in different fabric colors! No longer just white and black fabrics 🎨
  • ✨ New embroidered accessory item: the hair barrettes clips! 🎊
  • ✨ Also, the barrettes are the first ones I did for hair accessories. Hopefully, more to come! πŸŽ€
  • ✨ Ramped up brooches by adding embroidered lace-like borders 🌻
  • ✨ Also, made the brooches in varying shapes and sizes (two rounds in big and small ones and an oval one) πŸ’•
  • ✨ And something that I’m very thrilled about too is: The oval brooch is the first one in my Vintage Motif Edition Accessories (that accidentally sprouted in this collection 😍)! 🎈

Inspiration Story 🌟

It’s been in my mind to do some kind of collection for probably more than a year or two and it’s always a challenge to get the best supplies and pieces together. Then when this year started I finally cut my hair that grew so looong, from that I got the idea of why not do something embroidered for my hair. The idea of doing a collection resurfaced and there the planning of different sorts started and everything truly materialized when I finally finished the last piece! 🀩


Definitely would love to share photos of this Collection! πŸ“Έ I’ve posted in my Facebook and Instagram account the summer fabric palette that I used here, which are: natural/beige, mustard and golden olive, that I used in each accessory.

Stitching by Love πŸ’›

This has been long overdue, which I was planning to launch end of March or April. But anyhow, I’m just glad to finally finish each item. There’s a lot here that I feel accomplished! Making sure every stitch is careful and well thought. Kept myself from being worried not finishing this in my target timeline, by really holding to what I believe here in Heartily that it’s always worth the wait when you did it right, carefully and by love πŸ’–

Each piece is assembled and sewn by hand, where every embroidered design is carefully thought and delicately stitched. A collection of many firsts and many innovations that I would say required my perpetual patience 😍

And oh, today is Mother’s Day! A great time to launch this collection! As you may have read in my previous posts that my mom went home with the Lord last year, April, and I really miss and love her. She has been a main influence on how I do things in Heartily. She showed me how to work with all of my heart, from the inside and out. Not for the sight of man, but for the Lord. Truly humble in all her ways and how she carry herself. I believe I learned from her how to be patient and being patient from the heart. I will always be grateful for the Lord for my mama πŸ’›βœ¨

Summer Accessories In Heartily Store!

And, yes, these dainty pieces are now available in my Heartily store!! πŸ’ You can check out more specific details for each item in the product description. Here are the direct links for the brooches and hair barrettes:

Really excited to share this milestone with you guys and deeply grateful for everyone who supported me in this journey. And to all the moms and to your moms, happy Mother’s Day!! πŸ’ May you all have a blessed time together with your family! Take care always and God bless 🧑