A few months ago I bought a little notebook as my devotionals journal, in which where I write down bible verses and thoughts from specific book or text that I read from the bible. I’ve been doing this since my elementary days, when our mother disciplined us to read the Bible by memorizing a verse every week and recite it every weekend. So I believe that’s where I developed to keep a journal in its simplest sense πŸ˜€

I love keeping notes and when I buy notebooks I usually buy the plain ones so I can actually design the cover myself, plus it’s cheaper! For this little journal I added Kraft board as cover, where I cut small square holes for the binder. Then painted flowers all around using wetted watercolor pencils. I used Arteza watercolor pencils and recorded scenes for each design. They are watercolor but it also gives a good opaque colors that which it’s almost like a gouache. You can see especially on the yellows, the colors really pops even though they are painted on brown paper, which I originally worried but I was greatly surprised 😍

Would love to share the scenes here that I uploaded in my Youtube channel πŸŽ₯

Would love to explore more designs when I could get new sets of journal! Maybe this would inspire you too to design your own journal or notebook covers! 😍

Here are the photos of the finished painted cover and I did a painted kraft bookmark too! πŸ”–

Have a great weekend and God bless 🌺